Slavery Is Like Modern Policing Said Kapernick Published June 20, 2017

It's another year Black people in North America celebrated Juneteenth Day in history. Why do some people is still talking about slavery? READ MORE Why do some people still talks about slavery?


“SatDeh nights in Kingston Jamaica will be turnt up starting next on June 24th 2017. Beenie man “The hitmaker” and Carlene the 1990“Dancehall Queen” two of reggae music successful brands are doing it again, this time live on stage. Dubbed…

D'Angel Got "Whipped" A Counteraction To Dexta Daps Di "Owner" [EXPLICIT] Published June 17, 2017

“Whipped”, the new release on the Unisyz Muzik label by Dancehall Artist D’Angel has gained a major boost online after a video was posted showing Dexta Daps cozying up to D'Angel in the first-class section of a plane. This prompted…

Chronology musically defined by CHRONIXX Published June 17, 2017

Chronology is the science of locating historical events in time. Well, that is the definition of the word, but Chronixx "The Odd Ras" has redefined the word with his latest arrangements of songs due to be release early July. Chronixx…

Govana new single is smashing up the dancehall [Explicit] Published June 16, 2017

Romeo Nelson aka Govava is ripping up the chart with some tracks in rotation. Govana the 4th Genna recording artiste has struck a chord with his latest single Happy , produced by Dinero Productions. He said, "a lot of things…

Two can play that game - Equal Rights Alternative according to Bad Gyal DyDy Published June 16, 2017

The ‘2 Can’ singer has landed a record deal with One Nation Records. Dydy shared the news on Instagram Thursday. Take a good listen to the lyrical contents......Additionally, check out this new artist ZJ Prapa with a smashing hit "Rude…

Vershon's new wife might have won in his ongoing Baby mama drama! Published June 16, 2017

Vershon is currently locked into a messy custody battle with his baby mama Kaydian ‘Kitty’ Maragh over their son Papito. The “Inna Real Life” singer shared a photo with his current 'mystery girlfriend' on his Instagram story with the following…

Does female artist rely on promiscuous lyrics to make it entertainment business? Published June 13, 2017

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much whiskey is barely enough.” For many years we listened to male artists dominating nightclubs with raunchy lyrics that used to “Mash up di place” to rahtid! But let’s be serious, it…

Buju Banton has a new single to be released on Rihanna's new album Published June 12, 2017

The Grammy award winning artist Mark "Buju" Myrie has an upcoming collaboration coming out with the Barbadian songstress Rihanna which will appear on her next album. She registered the single titled “Phatty” and naming Buju Banton as a writer. Kaboom

Equal Rights-The Sex Rules! Published April 30, 2017

Equality of rights under the sex law shall not be denied or abridged by the individuals or by any country on account of sex privileges. The big talk today in dancehall is “Equal Rights!” If you don’t know the rules…
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