D'Angel Got "Whipped" A Counteraction To Dexta Daps Di "Owner" [EXPLICIT]

“Whipped”, the new release on the Unisyz Muzik label by Dancehall Artist D’Angel has gained a major boost online after a video was posted showing Dexta Daps cozying up to D'Angel in the first-class section of a plane. This prompted several comments from dancehall fans speculating about the nature of relationship. However, she refused to confirm or deny any rumors.

She quoted, "I plan to do a sexy music video for the single, given the overwhelming response. My image is sexiness. The rhythm is sexy. So, the response has been amazing so far."

"I am currently in talks with promoters overseas so fans can catch up on my upcoming tours via my social media.  

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| June, 17th, 2017

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