Does female artist rely on promiscuous lyrics to make it entertainment business?

Too much of anything is bad, but too much whiskey is barely enough.” For many years we listened to male artists dominating nightclubs with raunchy lyrics that used to “Mash up di place” to rahtid! But let’s be serious, it is a big double standard in music if a female artist uses suggestive sexual lyrics.  Their arguments should not be viewed as immoral; if these songs were written and performed by a male artists it would have been accepted by the majority. Let's be fair, if the lyrical content is the profound concept of a female's lifestyle or thought processes "unno stop bun fire pon dem".  Sometimes an idea to write songs may have found them under the influence of liquor and forced a unique hit. "So mi a beg unno to let dem" “work, work work” as they try to get “equal rights” for their career.

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| June, 13th, 2017

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