Equal Rights-The Sex Rules!

Equality of rights under the sex law shall not be denied or abridged by the individuals or by any country on account of sex privileges.

The big talk today in dancehall is “Equal Rights!” If you don’t know the rules just take a good listen to Ishawna’s hit single and follow the new et of rules to guarantee some pleasure.

Ishawna was very frank in addressing the bedroom issues on both genders; men are dons in the streets and pussycats in the bedroom. Manners and respect to all men who do not express their fetish obsession, after all, a man is a man. Then there are these types that emphatically deny following these rules and brag about a ooman the cleaning the flute bedroom mastery. They loved it, but they want to play by the rules, ‘Dat nuh nice.’ Straighten up yourself and just admit it “Equal Rights” got you thinking hard!!!

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| April, 30th, 2017

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