It is OVER for Vybz Kartel's Social Media conquest

Doesn't Jamaica have enough economic problems? 

Let's chit chat. First, we do not endorse criminal activities from anyone. Yes, the law is to govern the land but look at what Lisa Hana started against Adijah "Vybz Kartel" Palmer a few weeks ago. The Worl Boss is now facing increased scrutiny from government administration to step up security on checks and balances on artist being incarcerated.  

Sources alleged, that this new government actions were not directed to Vybz Kartel recording and swamping new music while he was behind bars.Rather,it's a conspiracy from the authorities to halt the influences of the Gaza Boss music. Accordingly, DHH.was told, “They can’t stop Kartel because we are planning to drop even more new music in a retaliative manner to demonstrate that he is not recording in prison. As you can recall, Lisa Hana began the feud on creating this political climate against the Worl Boss, which the Prime Minister Andrew Holness rebuffed her statement and he too has his hands full of problems.

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| March, 11th, 2017

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