2020 Music outlook and beyond


2020 Music outlook and beyond

2020 Music outlook and beyond

2020 Music outlook and beyond Music and Beyond is a classical music and multi-disciplinary arts festival. Music and Beyond presents classical music in all formations.

The festial pursues links between other art forms and cultural disciplines and music, including visual art, drama, poetry, dance, architecture, circus, magic, science, comedy, law, food and wine and even yoga. Music and Beyond is virtually unique in the international field of music festivals by making this a core part of its mandate. By tying together a wide range of cultural disciplines, the festival creates a more “festive” atmosphere, helping to attract an even broader audience to music.  Music and Beyond in 2020 strives to reach out to people of all cultural backgrounds and all demographics. 

A major part of its mandates is building new audiences for music and the arts, with a special emphasis on young people. Digital has blurred that clear dividing line, with rapidly-expanding online and mobile music streaming services now challenging for at least some of radio’s core customer base – and the overlap being at its greatest between Internet radio and digital streaming.   Outlook of 2020 provides an overview of the current digital music service landscape, including consumer trends, usage models, and attitudes as well as the emerging class of new players and services and the changing roles of established industry players.Music streaming globally had a landmark year in 2015. The launch of Apple Music in June 2015 boosted its already strong momentum, with other players – the likes Pandora and Rhapsody, to name but a few — benefiting from the enhanced awareness of streaming that Apple Music created among consumers.

Partly as a result, global music streaming spending rose by a staggering 41.8% in 2015. The music is the culture. It’s the art form. And it was made out of love, not for a paycheck. Record labels existed, but originally the music was pressed for DJs and the super hardcore fans who had turntables and wanted the newest vinyl. Music streaming is taking a rapidly-rising share of overall global recorded music revenueConsumers are still highly engaged with their digital music. New technologies, service offerings, connectivity options, and business models are changing the way they access, discover, and pay for music. It is a shifting landscape. The successful industry players will be those driving the change, rather than just adjusting to it. ”A major tipping-point was passed in 2015 when digital recorded music revenue exceeded physical for the first time. However, digital downloads are under growing pressure from streaming, as consumers shift away from owning music and towards paying to access it through providers. Given the decline in recorded music sales in recent years, artists are now more dependent on earnings from live music performance than ever before.

This shift from recorded music to live has changed the economics of the industry, with record companies extending their revenue streams to include live performance, and concert promoters expanding into artist management.


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