A Cry for HELP fell on deaf ears

I submerged from lost thoughts about people's ignorance, ungratefulness and unappreciative demeanor they possess.  I have continued to cringe, hoping to find solace in the spiritual realm at the aggressiveness and selfish apparatus that some folks have used against kindhearted and hardworking people. These imbeciles are viciously heartless in their diabolic habits to survive.  I wondered; if murder was a legal entity in each country's jurisdiction, would these unlucky victims be charged with a crime of defense? Or would they rot in jail because of a guilty verdict from universal perspectives. Many have collaborated and synchronized efforts to destroy people’s lives, crushed their dreams and sense of purposes; all because their glutinous appetite and rouge state of minds.

They have compelled force hiatuses and unfortunately in some cases, they caused many deaths.  The avocation of legally killing children or any human being senselessly is a cowardly act by “wasted minds” built savagely to outdo their adversaries’ aggression towards promiscuity and greed.  These ramifications of frigid actions continued to scrape the inner lining of my stomach walls filled with debris of anger and pain. Another life lost!  Nah friends, this is not self-pity or weakness; rather it’s the reality of crude, unforgiving, addictive and careless act of disrespect to humanity; the epitome of effeminacy of heightened common tendencies that left many minds in the veil of darkness. Believing is seeing, and with so many untimely death, frigidness and inconsideration of people, one should question their conscience. Some people confuse religiosity with a naive state of mind, while some misunderstand the definition of self perseverance in comparison to selfishness.

They prefer to lose 100 %, rather than to share 1% of something. Our natural human reflectors are immune to reject competition; therefore the timid and unconscious soul will retire to the easiest conduit of self love by eliminating any possibility of engagements.   Further, these minds are convinced that they are correct in their mischief and inappropriateness; they are the perfect imperfection of an insidious execution where forgiveness is unlawful, provocative and inhumane.  Understand, we are living in a vicious world that is filled with anger, greed, animosities and people that will continue to relive mishaps of human errors exercising the PFAE E’s effect (Point Fingers at Everyone Else) except them. To blame ‘life’ or ‘mortals’ for their temporary loss of sanity or inconsistencies is definitively incorrect; instead they should focus their awareness elsewhere and start comprehending the geometric values of life (Spirits and not Voodoo) to the unseen reality of human minds.

The B.I.B.L.E is a great history book to learn the basic instructions before leaving earth; IT JUST MAKES PROPER SENSE.  As usual there are pros and cons in everything in the universe, therefore, read with an open mind and exercise curiosity that will engage your intuition about things spiritually; also, remember “nothing under this pelting sun is new to the universe.” 

Objective: “Getting minds situated in hopes of a universal up rise to salvage rouge minds and refocus positive energies in obtaining a realistic social norm amongst humanity.

Please SHARE globally by doing your part as a missionary for PEACE!!

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