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Wife Uncovered Secret Treasure Caused Her Husband's Death

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Secretly she craved for a passionate romantic duel whenever she had quiet moments at home. Dorothy was a well spoken English professor who migrated to New York City from Lewisham UK seeking her independence and freedom from her Eurocentric traditions. She met Miguel Santiago in a Pub while he was assigned to a project in Northeast London; they dated for two years. He spent most of his time traveling as a journalist covering international stories in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Frequently, Miguel would surprise her with flowers, gifts and spontaneous visits that triggered a spark in their relationship. 

Every time Miguel visited, his mobile rang with a special ringtone at a 10:00 PM and he would redirect the call to voicemail.  Like a pro, before the final ring, he would say aloud, “Leave me alone, I am very tired and my lady doesn’t need to share her time with work.” Dorothy would blush and whisper softly, “Honey, its okay to answer your boss!”

“No baby, we hardly spend quality time together and that is because I am always working; it is your time.”  One night, the door bell rang around midnight, Dorothy reluctantly, got up and asked “Who is it?”

“It’s NYPD, are you Dorothy Moore?”

“Yes! One second please.” She gathered her composure, put some clothes and proceeded to open the door.  “What on earth would the police officer want with me?” “Hope Miguel is okay.”

“The officer politely entered the family room and stated;”Ms. Moore, my name is Sergeant Ming from the NYPD and your husband called 911.” “We tried calling him back but the dispatcher got his voicemail and we traced the number to this address.” 

“It must be an egregious mistake, because Miguel has been in Argentina since yesterday, as a matter of fact, I spoke to him earlier tonight and he later retired to bed.”

Officer Ming got his report card to confirm the dispatcher’s information, “Ms Moore, I am at the correct address, can I see some identification?”

“Yes officer,” she answered.  The officer carefully examined her ID and returned it.

“Is everything okay with you Ms. Moore?” “Can I take a look around the apartment?”

“Of course, it would be my pleasure officer!”

The officer finished looking around, apologized and exited the apartment. “Have a good night, Ms. Moore; I am sorry for indulging at such a late hour.”

“No bother, officer!”

Approximately, an hour later, the phone rang, this time Miguel’s name showed on the caller ID screen, Dorothy, answered quickly “Baby, are you okay?” There was long pause… Then a strong female voice asked “Who is your baby?” She continued, “This is Mrs. Santiago, Miguel’s wife.” I found your phone on my bathroom window and I dialed the last number to see if it was a client’s of Miguel before the battery died.” Immediately, I called Miguel and he confirmed that you were indeed one of his top clients and he would like for me to arrange an exchange. Please stop by our home and pickup your phone or if you prefer, I can stop by yours in the morning and drop it off at a time that is convenient for you.”

Dorothy, calmly politely, and mischievously answered “No bother, I will stop at your residence in the morning and fetch it, alright!” “Please, what is your address? “Mrs. Santiago, maybe your husband picked up my phone in error because we shared the same typed phone.” 

“That’s okay, Dorothy, Miguel is a very busy man, and here is a precise navigated direction to our home, see you tomorrow darling!” Then she hangs up the tele.”

The two ladies met each other the next morning, and instantly fell in love. They exchanged notes and similar stories of Miguel and both expressed their yearning for passionate romance, time alone and the constant ache of their sexual thirst. Dorothy stretched her hands for her phone and Mrs. Santiago grab it and pulled her closer to her bosom. The passion continued for days, each day they exchanged fruit baskets, honey and whipped cream.  Miguel called a few weeks later and afforded both ladies identical excuses relative to a new assignment and he would be travelling to Europe for approximately month. When he gets back he promised them the time of their life. They concurred and the romance continued; until they decided to move forward and end the fling. “My children will not approve this courting.” Mrs. Santiago expressed. Dorothy shook her head in agreement.

Mrs. Santiago called her attorney and petitioned for an immediate divorce. In the meantime, Dorothy continued dating Mrs. Santiago until she had enough of the lesbian lifestyle and later migrated to the Caribbean for a new job and a new a life. Post the divorce decree, Miguel relocated to Latin America where he died shortly from stress and his Ex-wife remarried to her college boyfriend..

The gist of the story: “Everybody needs to be valued and respected!”

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