Are J’can men romantically clever in bedroom..Unless..


Are J’can men romantically clever in bedroom..Unless..

I once asked a doctor how much time should be allotted by a couple to experience an organism, he responded “No more than 6 to 9 minutes.”

Immediately, I figured those numbers are way below the normal radar especially based on the prowess in the bedroom.   Although some men need to improve their sexuality and performances, it is commonly known that Jamaican men are proud of being well endowed.  Equally, many have adapted the equal rights slogan and have introduced the tongue service to satisfy their counterpart.  I’ll leave this subject right here; however, to attain total eclipse of both hearts, 6 to 9 minutes is not enough time.  Sorry Doc!  A Jamaican woman, said she had a relationship with a foreigner for almost a year and the sex life was dormant. She glowed while she described a few Jamaican men in bed; overall she preferred Jamaicans "because dem more natural."  Jamaican men believes in organic love, which is an unfathomable and ubiquitous force within itself; so their relationships quickly blossom into a butterflies that leaves their sex convincingly lovable.  Pursuant to another Jamaican woman, "Foreign man love oral sex and she didn’t like that, not all woman like their Kitty Kat licked.  “The Jamaica man dem can work dem thing,” Yes Mon! She explained.The "Work At Home 6 Figures" Zone - Making $500 Plus Per Day!!

 But they are ruthless and unfeeling Jamaican men that do not have a clue on bedroom satisfaction. Another woman voiced some negativity about Jamaican men, "My most memorable and unforgettable sexual experiences have been with a foreigner from the Eastern Caribbean. He is very selfless. He caters to my sexual desire and takes pride in completely satisfying me. Sex is fun with him. It is never humdrum. We explore different positions, tactics and movements. Unfortunately, my experience with my Jamaican brothers is not comparable." She continued, “Jamaican men come up short because they do not spend quality time to understand my sexual desire,” “Their main objective tends to be getting an orgasm.” A point well understood. Maybe those men she experienced were brothers who dealt with the bottomline equation. 

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