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Buju Banton's "Long Walk To Freedom" tour created a Tsunami in Suriname!


Buju Banton's "Long Walk To Freedom" tour created a Tsunami in Suriname!

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South America will never be the same after Saturday's performance by international reggae icon  Mark "Buju Banton" Myrie,.  "A Long Walk To Freedom" tour made it's fifth stop in the anticipated concert with a persistent rainfall at Suriname's Andre Kamperveen Stadion, a venue located in the country's capital Paramaribo. The estimated 14,000 patrons were greeted with a 'Yawd vibes' of pulsating Reggae Tsunami; a splendid performance by the Reggae Icon, nothingless than impeccable. 

Gargamel and his entourage are back in the island preparing for a Mother's Day concert in Grenada National Cricket Stadium in Saint George. Donovan Germaine, Buju's long time mentor and producer, gave last Saturday's stellar performance a thumbs up!"

In the meantime, Buju will take his tour for a longer walk into Tortola in the British Virgin Island, St. Kitts and Europe. He will be headlining Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay on July 20, 2019.


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