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RYGIN KING management made the following statement: “We would like to categorically deny the inaccurate, slanderous and false claims made in a voice note in circulation on social media. These allegations are blatant lies and border on outright slander. First, the artiste made a truthful declaration regarding his stay in Germany. Consequently, he and his road manager were duly processed and screened in the appropriate 'health' section of the airport by the authorities!"  "The artiste did not at any time, mention the name of fellow dancehall artiste, Elephant Man, in any conversation with the authorities conducting the investigation.

Let's be pragmatic; even if Rygin King inadvertently or deliberately spoke to the authorities about his fellow entertainer, would this action label him as a "rat" or as a good samaritan for the citizens of Jamaica?  The current Coronavirus [COVID-19] pandemic is a global health concern and people need to be cogzinant of the inherent crisis at hand. 

Elephant man has been charged with breaching Section 8(5) of the Immigration Act, which mandates that visitors not limited to Jamaican residents arriving on the island of Jamaica, must give a honest testimonies to Immigration authorities at the various ports/airports of disembarkation. While Elephant Man has confessed that he self-quarantined since his arrival is now  required to appear in court on April 15 to answer to his charges of violating the immigration laws. Recently after further investigation, the "Energy Gad" will be forcefully placed in a government-mandated quarantine facility. However, this problem is ongoing, even Suubi a/k/a Mr. Vegas weighed the situation and gave his profound thoughts.


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