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DANGERWASS - An artiste with humility and style!!


DANGERWASS - An artiste with humility and style!!

DANGERWASS -  An artiste with humility and style!!

Born Mark Levy in the parish of St. Mary on the 10th of June 1976 to the parents of George Levy and Chancey Hall.

DangerWass started his early education at the Mount Angus all age school. 

His is mom relocated to St. James where he attended the Bickersteth primary and the Cambridge high school.
DangerWass' undying love for music started at a tender age where he sang popular songs from various trending artist. 

While attending high school, DangerWass and friends made the best of music life.  As a tradition, they used school desks and created a hype with sounds that eventually became the rhythm; simultaneously, they wrote lyrics with hefty metaphors to songs. Performing at numerous events in his community received positive feedbacks as he took on the psudonym of Little Levy, and later changed it to Danger kid.  He teamed up with a community friend, Danger Kid and Poison Kid.

It was not for the "likes," rather it was for the love of music and his profound aspiration and desire to be an accomplished artist that opened several opportunities for the Mr. Levy.  DangerWass travelled and resided in Kingston 13, He visited various recording studios, including Sugar Minott (RIP) owned Black Roots/Youthman Promotion that paved the way foe Tenor Sar, Junior Reid, Little John and so many others, where he did demos, dubs and jingles.

In 1997, DangerWass relocated to his father home in Greater Portmore and met with Shadrock and Kingwass. This union teamed up and were called Galawass Crew. At this juncture, and henceforth he was named Dangerwass.   After performing at numerous Clubs, Stage Shows and live radios they still didn't get the break they needed. Not to mention; neither pay day.

Frustrated,  Dangerwass moved back to Kingston where he took on a job as driver with the state run JUTC Bus company, he married to his lady love Sandra and started a family. Although he was not actively attending studios and shows, he stayed busy writing songs.

He wrote a song professing his love for his wife Sandra.  The next day he decided to do demo with Cash Flow recording studio with Saint (another driver he met at JUTC) and a spaz (a rapper he met through a mutual friend). Cash Flow recorded the Demo and decided to do an official recording on one of his riddim called Guilty and that became Dangerwass 1st official record entitled "Crush My Heart" and that featuring Saint and Spaz.  He recorded two more song for Jah Bless Production, and a self produced piece which was his first EP.

Lenfor James, a co-worker at JUTC heard the CD and saw the talent and instantly took on the role of management alongside entertainment Jockey and Original Don (now deceased) of New Style Radio in the UK; VP record also secured the distribution deal for that EP and was looking forward for an album but communication broke down, and the album was never release.

Dangerwass continued making strides under that management until he took a break from active music to spend time with his family.
In late 2016 his wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer and passed away in May of 2018. The role of a single father forced the artist to the studio where he vented his grief and kept  his mind conscious

Dangerwass who fathered 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy, have done collaboration with various artist such as the late great Sugar Minott, Abijah, Black Gold, Gemstone Dawkins to name a few.
Tracks he is known for are, Angel-ft Sugar Minott and Abijah, Weed Head, Mama Still Stand Up, All Patriotic Jamaican, Overcome ft- Ras Morgan, Talent and Lady P, Protect Me and many others.  Dangerwass is currently working on a untiltled album with Fada P of Cash Flow Records.

You can find DangerWass on all social media platform as Dangerwass.
Email sosohitzThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or call 876-3617074


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