Jamaica Abroad and Down a yawd - A sad state!


Jamaica Abroad and Down a yawd - A sad state!

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The mentality of people in the millennial era is generally more boisterous, individualistic, diverse and free spirited; they yearn to aspire with stronger voices and less deference. Contrary, to public opinion, traditionalists screamed at indiscipline actions of these self centered individuals; instead of trying to find methods to adapt or collaborate for common goals. These behavior patterns are more prevalent in the garrison communities where classism is transparent and the academic enrichment varies at different levels.

 Though tenement yards are elements of adverse economic conditions, the communities have an agitated attitude complexity “AAC” that only a 'changed mind' can overcome this burden of self prowess. Imagine sharing bathroom space by joining a queue to relieve of toxic materials; sleeping on the floor in a one bedroom; or eating one meal for the entire day! The question now is "How does one work with people that are inconsiderate degenerates or stuck on self? We vote for politicians hoping for a change; Normally, I ignore politics, but one have to wonder if the imprisoned "Coke" had the right concept during his reign in Western Kingston. But in reality, the election continues until the next highest numbered candidate advances and the psychological warfare drains the garrison with more crimes. Sometimes, living in the suburbs can attract the worst slimes that will infiltrate courteous people who have tried their best to change people's lives. But their undying efforts lead is fruitless.

"Those people" frenenemies, share insights on 'Enemyfying Syndrome' that consistently instigate conflict, confusion based on indoctrination. It may soothe the rich folk’s inner soul with classism, with that attitude nothing will change for the people with lesser opportunities. The cultural differences are not similar; it comes down to the survival of the luckiest pauper


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