Why Jamaicans Need Jesus For Guidance!


Why Jamaicans Need Jesus For Guidance!

Why Jamaicans Need Jesus For Guidance!
The insipid intelligence of Jamaicans "Dem need fi bawl out more to Jesus!"
Maybe some Jamaicans were choZen to expose the hypocrisy and unintelligent bias musicians must endure
voicing lyrics on a popular dancehall riddim. There are stringent rules in Jamaica regarding music of all genre, most dancehall mega hits must be radio edited to play on air, so why did the government process placed a ban on ChoZen gospel song called "Bawl Out - Jesus Name!" I wonder if the artist reedited his heartfelt song by substituting words like "Jesus" and "God" for "Satan" or "Devil" would that have made the airwaves.
The people of this wonderful island is dumbfounded on religion and should "Bawl Out" Jesus name for guidance.


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