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Kalcium A Man On A Music Mission!!


Kalcium A Man On A Music Mission!!

Kalcium A Man On A Music Mission!!
Roshane Forbes better known by his stage name “Kalcium” was born (March 30,1990) in St.Ann Jamaica , where he grew up with his two brothers and mother who cared for them as a single parent . As A young child Kalcium always had an infatuation with music. After seeing a live performance by his favorite artist, Assassin a.k.a Agent Sasco , Kalcium decided that he was going to take his musical endeavors seriously. In 2004 Kalcium recorded his first song entitled “Mamma Love” which detailed the struggles of single parenting but pinpointed it would never break up their bond. As a cliché , I will not start by saying Kalcium is the best new undiscovered talent , However I will say that Kalcium is the type of musician that caters to all types of audiences around the globe. With vocals smooth enough to rock a new born baby right to sleep or raunchy enough to keep a packed stadium on their heels Kalcium is the Ideal artist for any musical showcase. I almost consider Kalcium as being a "brand" of some sort. Everyone needs Kalcium to survive , so Kalcium is essential to every persons life. Kalcium overcame his triumphs shaping him into the sanguine artist he is today.


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