Marion Hall aka Lady Saw maybe returning to DANCEHALL

Just when we think dancehall is deplorable and the current artists have gone too far, well, Muma Saw might be returning to retake her throne with grace. It has been rumoured on various social media and blogs over recently speculation that the former Queen of dancehall would be returning under her moniker, Lady Saw.  A public relations representative for Saw explained that Ms. Hall has no plans to become involved in the dancehall industry again.

"Marion is actively between church and the studio because she is working on her gospel album, which will be released this year, and her PR was appaulled at the persons who were circulating such imbecillic rumours about the former Queen. "People need to leave her alone and stop the negativity as she tries to live her life as a Christian," she added. Hall posted on social media last week that she has been working with reggae producers Sly and Robbie, on her album. "One more song and my album is done, thanks to Sly and Robbie. I want to meet my Jesus cause I know he has something to do with the way you play that keyboard. The album full a Holy Ghost," she wrote in her post.

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