Should polygamy be Legal in your society!


Should polygamy be Legal in your society!

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For all intended purposes, in this blog, I am not attempting to incite a new study which revealed that polygamy should be a legal practice in our society. Although Polygamy is illegal in the most countries; more often than not, it's when a man has more than one wife. In the United States, the law uses the term interchangeably in their explanation of the affairs.  It is commonly known that classism is an important qualifier to be accepted by women as it is leverage against material statuses.

A Wife's Uncovered Treasure

A woman will cheat on their spouse and provide substantial alibis to justify all her shenanigans. There’s nothing new under the sun; a new mind still nets the same identical result. Perhaps it is our society ideologies that have created these laws which have indoctrinated and further poisoned women mind’s of accepting the laws of nature.  No pun intended, but in the case of a survivalist, married or not, a man will introduce his intention to a woman even if it destroys his image in society.


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