The Misconception 'TRUTH' of Religion Having Christian Fighting Amongst Themselves!!


The Misconception 'TRUTH' of Religion Having Christian Fighting Amongst Themselves!!

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First, our research concluded that there is a powerful source of energy, omnipotence, a Supreme Being to the universe. But, let’s be conscious in theorizing the concepts practiced by these “So called-Christians;” their strong belief systems and reliance on external energies to fulfill a mandate to life pragmatically and in an intellectually manner.  Our approach is clear and concise in our decisiveness in concluding on biblical theories to finally put things in their proper contexts and perspectives. 

There are a few misconceptions that we believe coldheartedly that has been in circulation and words used in the wrong texts such as; “Heaven,” “Hell,”  “Life” “Jesus” and “God.”  Christians will immediately STOP reading this blog because they are not literate enough to comprehend the depth of critical reasoning. That’s okay, it is a point we are trying to established; their fakeries!  Accordingly, Christ was crucified to save us all; John 3:16 Right?  They are some righteous people that worship with due diligence, more power to them. But why are people still living in sin and there left all their atrocities committed against mankind to be fixed by the Son, Father and Holy Ghost name to be forgiven?  The common pronoun ‘God’ is being used as an ‘alternative’ measure to temporarily brainwash the weak and prudent mind in accepting the wrath of ignorance.  These theological concepts have supported various denominations in the religious order and found complacency in society and tranquility within self

History of The Bible

By the 2nd century BCE, Jewish groups began calling the books of the Bible the "scriptures" and they referred to them as "holy", or in Hebrew כִּתְבֵי הַקֹּדֶשׁ (Kitvei hakkodesh), and Christians now commonly call the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Bible "The Holy Bible" (in Greek τὰ βιβλία τὰ ἅγια, tà biblía tà ágia) or "the Holy Scriptures" (η Αγία Γραφή, e Agía Graphḗ.)  The logistics behind the “Holy Bible” in particular “The King James Version” should have raised enough doubts to raise eyebrows based on one word, “version.”   This book was introduced and published in 1611, proceeding with edits and rewrites to coincide with grammar corrections and etymological creations, and it made perfect sense.  These “So-Called Christians” lives by its accords in their churches and tabernacles for a day worshipping “God.”  We got to understand that their definition of ‘God’ means “Love.   We are rebuffing their meaning, rather, and based on GluFm’s research, the word God was defined as “Everything including the Unified Force Field or any fundamental force or particle interactions is conserved with a transformation process over space and time which cannot be disputed by any logical process.  It is therefore the provable truth or Theorem of everything which has no possibility of errors logically and geometrically.

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Understanding Christians and their fake news

If your God is LOVE, why are you living a hypocritical life until church day? If your bible consists of the words of God, then all persons that choose these allegories and fallacies as “Gods words” are doomed to hell.  That is exactly where they are destined because they create the living hell for people that do not concur with their ideology. The definition of “Hell” is the absence of intelligence and reality. Their belief systems promote a safe “Heaven” if one followed their doctrine of fallacies and allegories or they will be placed in eternal hell. Heaven should be defined as “A state of existence;” and “life” in general terminology should be defined as “God.” Are you confused yet?  Well, I was befuddled until these discoveries, by the way, our research confirmed that the letter ‘J’ was included in the English dialect until 16th century by Pierre Ramus and became a modern day acceptance in the 17th century. Therefore, the name ‘Jesus’ is a fictitious addition termed the “Messiah” in the King James Bible. Jesus was dubbed a slave ship of Lubeck that sailed to America between the years of 1555-1619 and was commonly known as “The Good Ship.”  These “So-called Christians resorted to worship a name for many centuries without understanding the scope of its origination; as a matter of fact, the name “Jesus” was defined by huemans as “Jah is us” before slavery.  Christians should curtail further domestication of the Eurocentric ideals used to cripple innocent minds and negate from heathen lifestyles as time and space is still on their side.  Religion should be based on a person’s faith anticipating infallible reality while at ground zero, as opposed today’s controlling mechanism that are without the ethical and moral standards.  In conclusion, the “Earth” is simply a headquarters of intelligence, nothing less or more…Take a good listen to Vegas a top reggae artist from Jamaica/ So let’s live well!

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