Understanding The "FEAR" Factor Within Our Minds!!

Understanding The

What is fear?

Having no money is grounds to be fearful,  especially when you are dependent on it to survive.    Case on point, a few years ago in the West Indies, a mother of three children decided to run away from her abusive family.  She was only 22 years old, no formal education but she was very domisticated and with guidance, her aspiration was reachable.  However, her lover's behavior was like a lion in the jungle.  He was an older gentleman, with a very successful career as an electrician.  He splunged his monies on liquor, other women and drugs, which he later blamed for his bad treatment to his children mother.   

One day, his eldest child, asked, "Daddy, do you know why mommy was crying today?" No, he replied.  Simultanoeously, his wife yelled out, "Guy's dinner is being served!" The father used the opportunity to questioned her behavior without explaining the reason for his intervention.  "I am so young and all my friends are doing better things in their life!" She replied.  He grabbed a beer bottle and busted it in her head and shouted, "What more can I do to  make you happy?" "You are so ungrateful!" 

Actually, she was well in alignment with her aspiration agenda.  She was a mother, and her family depended on her.  But she also had goals, ambition and a vision of for her future.   She developed fear over a period of time and decided to escape the jungle for self perseverance.  

The fear of disapproval or not getting what they thought was necessary to be a success can drive a person to unthinkable measures.    We don't consciously trigger these emotions, or even know what's going in our brains until it has run its course.  In the end, she accomplished her goals at a very high cost.  The children became young men and women pursuing their own goals and they resented her leaving her family.  As for her husband, hestarted a new family with someone else!!!!



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