When you take the concept of 'god' way too far: Gavin McInnes says women make less because god say they should stay home

Having faith in something unseen is not a problem, but when one believes that their god is making rules for people and that god gave that believer power over others, they have crossed into the social battlefield.

This fundamentalist extreme right wing christian Gavin McInnes wants to force women to all get married, have many kids and stay home to parent the kids, while the man works. He says he wants the world to be as it was in the 7th century when women absolutely obeyed men, because a god says it should be so. This is the ignorance spurred by religion. It is the same desire of the taliban extremists.

If you are female, try watching the video without punching your monitor. He should try that same conversation with Ronda Rousey.

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