Who has power of selecting artiste to be nominated for a Grammy Award every year?

Who has power of selecting artiste to be nominated for a Grammy Award every year?

Who has power of selecting artiste to be nominated for a Grammy Award every year? It is an interesting question I never asked until I became overly religious about the process.  Do you know that many selected artistes are nominated because of their marketability?Artist that were nominated are simply popular, Sean Paul, Shaggy,The Marleys, Beenie Man etc. None of them are really greater than the next. They all have won.

However, let me put some respect on the names I have mentioned, because they have simplified the process; on  what it took to get nominated and they've won.  There are people globally that can write and play like Shaggy; but, they just have not been properly marketed or discovered due various reason.ā€¯Every year the Recording Academy decide who gets nominated for a Grammy? Got it! the voting members,  registered major and independent record labels with the Awards department can nominate artists.  Sounds more like the US public election for the Commander In Chief responsibility where the  Electoral College makes an infored decision. 

I always wondered why is it that certain artists were not selected such as Beres Hammond, Patrice Roberts, Allison Hinds and so many artiste in caribbean have not received a nomination.  The recordings must be commercially distributed in the United States from October 1 of the previous year to September 30 of the current year of the awards.The nominations are controlled by experts who place them into 31 different musical fields. First round voting ballots for official nominations are given to voting members that are considered experts in their own field or genre. Then after the nominees are chosen, the final round ballots are sent out to the voting members in order to determine who is to win in each different category.So, to heck with the ideology of blaming a particular institution, the system should be revamped to be inclusive of all protocols that were involve with manufactering of the recorded material; including, the fans and respective diaspora

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