Who said Reggae music is dead? Bank of England attack Reggae/Dancehall To Enhance Communication

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Who said Reggae music is dead? Well, not according to the economist at the Bank of England. Who said Reggae music is dead? Well, not according to the economist at the Bank of England. The pulsating Dancehall rhythms and artistes was used by the Jamaican Central Bank  to promulgate its Inflation Targeting Campaign, ITC, which is now  being studied carefully by the Bank of England.    It was documented that the Bank of Jamaica’s videos of Reggae stars singing about inflation targets are among the more unorthodox promotion the Central Bank  strategies in commucating to the public and could possibly be emulated by Great Britain itself to effectively erect measures to engage their audience.

“In order to speak the language of the public, they have released a series of videos including top Reggae stars such as Tarrus Riley and inflation control to the baseline in Reggae music."The Central Bank made great strides in all three areas of public communication: Explanation, Engagement, and Education, but numerous challenges remain.  This incentive should give the music administration in Jamaica something to carefully expand on and move to act throughout the local regions to combat violence and other detriments where reggae music can be used to eradicate crime.

“Success should not be measured by the ability to reach everyone, but rather by engaging even limited audiences beyond the current small core of technical specialists and information intermediaries.”  The Bank of England noted that their intention is to explore both theoretical and empirical evidences on communication with the general public, which would provide guidance for policymakers by highlighting some potentially important risks.The importance of Reggae music still exist even with the highly competitive Afrobeats, and with a partner since it's inception with England, the Jamaican government should carefully revist the commodity and develop strategies to effectively improve on the reggae music fraternity that will synchronize with the music climate

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