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A Cry for HELP fell on deaf ears

I submerged from lost thoughts about people's ignorance, ungratefulness and unappreciative demeanor they possess.  I have continued to cringe, ...
Tuesday, September 26 2017 11:26pm

A Wife's Uncovered Treasure

Secretly she craved for a passionate romantic duel whenever she had quiet moments at home. Dorothy was a well spoken English professor who migrated ...
Friday, November 10 2017 11:31pm

Marion Hall aka Lady Saw maybe returning to DANCEHALL

Just when we think dancehall is deplorable and the current artists have gone too far, well, Muma Saw might be returning to retake her throne with ...
Wednesday, September 27 2017 4:45pm

The tried and proven method of spreading 'peaceful' religions: guns and violence - christians and muslims battle in britain

The extreme right wing group in Britain called 'Britain First' launched a christian onslaught on a muslim community in Bury Park, and who would have ...
Saturday, February 27 2016 4:52pm

Tony Matterhorn Divulge Bounty Killer's Psycho Batt$man Intentions

The veteran selector and the dancehall legend is at war, in recent months the feud has reached an all-time high. Tony Matterhorn said that Bounty ...
Thursday, October 12 2017 9:48pm

ASCAP Honors Richie Stephens For Rihanna’s “Work” on the "Sail Away Riddim"

Richie Stephens will be given an American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) award for his contribution to ...
Friday, October 13 2017 12:10am

The "Work At Home 6 Figures" Zone - Making $500 Plus Per Day!!

Are you tired of working long hours for a lousy paycheck bi-weekly? Well, MCA is changing lives, and young people lke yourselves are living ...
Thursday, November 16 2017 10:19pm

Juvenile Video Recorded Suicidal Message For His Parents In The Parish of Saint Mary

 Prevalence and psychological sequelae of a yong boy childhood mental abuse has hit a rural community in Grange Hill in Westmoreland.Learn ...
Saturday, November 18 2017 12:18am

Common Tendencies of Dancehall Greats

The issues surrounding dancehall entertainers and the law have been serious for the reggae industry for many years. The highly publicized cases with ...
Monday, November 20 2017 10:12pm

Young Rapper Dead at 21

The rapper died Wednesday night (November 15th) in Tucson, Arizona. Rapper dead at the of 21
Monday, November 20 2017 10:46pm

Reggae in Love –Debut song by R&B songstress Vivian Green called ‘I Don’t Know’

It’s HOT HOT HOT and we are not speaking about the mega single from the early 80’s. It’s the new R&B single by Vivian Green with an ...
Wednesday, November 22 2017 12:19pm

Should polygamy be Legal in your society!

For all intended purposes, in this blog, I am not attempting to incite a new study which revealed that polygamy should be a legal practice in our ...
Wednesday, November 22 2017 6:08pm

Musicians are competing for ownership of the ROOTS ROCK REGGAE Title!

Chronixx's Skankin' by far is ahead of the game recording hits after hits at the tender age of 25 years old. Jamar Rolando McNaughton wrote ...
Wednesday, November 22 2017 7:37pm

The current state of the reggae industry

Years of frustration and poor management of artist’s career has finally resulted in a verbal altercation amongst a few veterans superstar. ...
Friday, December 08 2017 11:43pm

GluFm Featured Videos For The Month Of December

Friday, November 24 2017 12:03am

Di Ting Tun Up LOUD between Khago, Music Industry and his Family..

What a ting Eeee? We have heard rumors after rumors in the reggae music industry before but nothing as raw as Khago’s “Don’t Give a Fu$k ...
Wednesday, November 29 2017 10:53pm

Are J’can men romantically clever in bedroom..Unless..

I once asked a doctor how much time should be allotted by a couple to experience an organism, he responded “No more than 6 to 9 ...
Thursday, November 30 2017 10:03pm

Homeschooling has it's benefits just ask this black family of geniuses

A multi-talented family has taken Boca Raton, Florida by storm with their incredible academic achievements. The family of 11 includes two teenage ...
Thursday, November 30 2017 11:22pm

A Reasoning with Sheldon Senior in Amsterdam

Tuesday, December 05 2017 8:10pm

Jamaica Abroad and Down a yawd - A sad state!

The mentality of people in the millennial era is generally more boisterous, individualistic, diverse and free spirited; they yearn to aspire with ...
Tuesday, December 05 2017 8:53pm

Sweet Koffee is the next generation of female reggae artist- You don't miss!!

Get to know sweet Koffee!!
Tuesday, December 05 2017 9:12pm

$300,000 Rewards For The Killers In Honorable Munga Murder Case

The police Crime Stoppers are anxious to get any information on the names and whereabouts of the other persons who were at the location ...
Wednesday, December 06 2017 8:51pm

2018 Ibiza Soca Festival Line up

For 2018, Ibiza Soca Festival is poised to be the next bucket list festival to attend. From May 10 to 14, guests can look forward to jouvert fetes, ...
Friday, December 08 2017 12:51am

Jennifer Trefelner: Get in the spirit with family, friends at football watch parties

  shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_Init(22796, 1362066, 'shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_leaderBoard_populate'); Get in the spirit.....
Friday, December 08 2017 2:02am

STING, Wyclef Jean, and Fetty Wap are the international acts to headline on Saturday, January 6.

SHAGGY STING,AND FETTY WAP Read more   shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_Init(22796, 1362066, 'shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_leaderBoard_populate');
Friday, December 08 2017 2:19am

Our Insight On The Caribbean Born Singers With 2018 Grammy Nominations

The Caribbean artists that are nominated for 2018 60th Grammy Awards are undoubtedly some of the industry finest recording artists. We are ecstatic ...
Friday, December 08 2017 2:38am

Famous Comedian Called A Faggot By A Russian Worker

Saturday, December 09 2017 11:23am

Beenie Man MASHUP Footloose..Yes Mon!

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Saturday, December 09 2017 11:29am

Sean Paul Drop A New Banga!!

Sean Paul is the master of his musical destiny without a doubt.  He has been busy for past few year dropping hits and his latest is not ...
Wednesday, December 13 2017 1:44am

The Misconception 'TRUTH' of Religion Having Christian Fighting Amongst Themselves!!

First, our research concluded that there is a powerful source of energy, omnipotence, a Supreme Being to the universe. But, let’s be conscious in ...
Wednesday, December 13 2017 4:03am

Charlie BlacK - New Tracks

The "Party Animal" oterwise known as Charly Black Has two releases on ratation in the ...
Thursday, December 14 2017 8:08pm

Nesbitt Success Story’ online competition - two students won $50,000

Mr Gary Powell, The Principal of Montego Bay High School  thanked Nesbeth for the kind gesture; encouraging him to continue being an ...
Monday, December 18 2017 10:12pm

What has GangStarr DJ Premier Been To These Days With Travis Scott?

What Has Gangstarr DJ Premier Been Up To These Days With Travis Scott?   shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_Init(23170, 1362066, ...
Saturday, December 30 2017 1:46pm

The Best 2018 Concert Tickets to Gift This Holiday

The Best 2018 Concert Tickets To Gift   shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_Init(22917, 1362066, ...
Saturday, December 30 2017 2:08pm

A baaay u nah get none 🤪,” she captioned the photos.

Read more A baaay u nah get none
Tuesday, February 27 2018 12:50pm


Read more Macka Diamond Saga Continues
Tuesday, February 27 2018 12:58pm

Why Hollywood won't cast The Wayans brothers anymore

Read MoreWhy Hollywood won't cast The Wayans brothers anymore
Tuesday, February 27 2018 1:57pm

Kidnapped at birth teen SPEAKS out!

8 hours after birth, Gloria Williams left the hospital with her new baby Alexis Manigo.  How did he survive without getting caught for ...
Tuesday, March 13 2018 11:01pm


Video Clip Things Your Kids Know
Tuesday, March 13 2018 11:11pm

Eryka Badu Forgotten Files

Window Seat (Official Video) by Erykah Badu on VEVO.
Tuesday, March 13 2018 11:18pm

I was fooled by FOR UNKNOWN CARNAL KNOWLEDGE [F$CK U] gesture

I grew up with my friends knowing the middle finger gesture symbolizes a profound and derogatory sentiment that meant FUCK YOU.  It was ...
Monday, March 19 2018 8:21am

KONSHENS Drops Sophmore Album “It Feel Good”

Konshens was once a hardcore dancehall artist who focused on the trends as he debut LP Mental Maintenance to support his style. But his latest ...
Monday, March 19 2018 8:38am

Congratulation to Cleveland Laing better known as Lieutenant Stichie on his achievement award

Congratulation to the “Man A Pastor” for his lifetime achievement award held at heads to the Logons Center of the Arts, University of ...
Monday, March 19 2018 9:06am

Please Do Not Laff

Wednesday, May 02 2018 1:02am

This is not very Funny

Wednesday, May 02 2018 1:07am

Sean Paul Nabs A Billboard Music Awards Nomination For “Rockabye”

READ HERE Sean Paul Nabs A Billboard Music Awards Nomination For “Rockabye”
Wednesday, May 02 2018 1:16am

Meet the new Prince of Dancehall. SHADOWDON PROMO - "Out & Bad"

"Out & Bad" is the heart and soul of Shadowdon Promotion; the new energy in promoting dancehall music, artistes and events. Nothing is new to ...
Tuesday, May 29 2018 10:12pm

Reggae Artist Jimbolee Cry In His Smash Hit Single For "Changes!"

Many reggae supporters have never heard his name, but Jimbolee is here to stay. With a growing catalog of songs,  "Changes" is  destined to ...
Friday, May 11 2018 11:05pm

Tommy Lee Sparta Leaving Jail With Vybz Kartel Lawyer - IT'S BIG DEAL

Kartel was clearly esctatic after the release of his former Portmore Empire protege. “BUDUDUP! ( A #Gaza Pickney. BigUp Mr Tom Tavares Finson ...
Tuesday, May 29 2018 9:59pm

The Sexiest Pose For A Hip Hop Artist By Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj confirmed her new banger “Chun-Li” has sold over 500,000 copies in the United States, a certified Gold. Take a listen.
Tuesday, May 29 2018 10:08pm

A New Type Of "Taxx" Hitting Dancehalls Around The Globe Soon And Fans Are...........

A  New Type Of "Taxx" Hitting Dancehalls Around The Globe Soon And Fans Are Absolutely Enjoying These Waves Of Artistes Phenomenom In ...
Monday, June 04 2018 9:46pm

Jah Cure Career Maybe Over Supporters Need Apologize ASAP

Jah Cure has issued an apology to all disc jockeys, Soundmen, after getting a backlash over a recent video posted on social media.  On Tuesday, ...
Wednesday, June 13 2018 9:05pm

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