Adijah Palmer a/k/a Vybz Kartel Takes on the World Government in his latest banga [Video}

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Vybz Kartel the single most important artiste in dancehall music has finally released the much anticipated video titled "World Government!"  The incarcerated undisputed King of Dancehall did it style and on his 44th birthday and much politically charged took a step into the undeniable influences he still possess as an artist in Jamaica.  

Many years since he sentence in jail for the murder of "Lizard" Kartel have dominated nightlife with hits after hits and continues increase the artiste value.  He is powerful and influential in the government’s jurisdiction, maybe his incarceration was a solution to madness surrounding his latest trouble.

The impact of dancehall or reggae music is being considered by England to stage a campaign utilizing the sweet pulsating rhythm to communicate to it's citizens, Can you imagine if Kartel became the next Prime Minister-elect of Jamaica?

This is first visual relative to the title "World Government" Kartel released in 2020 and it will deliver all of the unanswered questions his fans are pondering. 

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