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"I'm joyful because the gospel is being heard and felt whether people like it or not. God works mysteriously, and my heart is at peace. What they are seeing now in the physical was what the Lord revealed to me already in the spirit, so to God be the glory and all praises to the King," Chozenn said.

"In these last days when the dark world is so united and people are doing everything to try and denounce God and say God is fake, God is not real or he doesn't exist, God shows that He works mysteriously and He's rising up some new warriors, some Joshua generation warriors for this era and this season." The song dubbed "Bawl Out" recieved approximately one million views on Youtube on a dancehall riddim known as Rum and Boom.  

Chozenn said that the achievement should prove to those in both the gospel and secular worlds that God cannot and should not be limited.

"This move of God shows that we can't limit God, period. This was expected, and this is a historic move. Two months? This has never been seen before; a gospel artiste in Jamaica hit a million views for a ministry item in two months. This is all God, and He's showing what He can do in a day, a month," he explained. "The entire world is calling Chozenn now, all for the glory of God, and I'm expectant as to what He has in store. To the doubters and the naysayers, the aim in music for me is to win souls for the King, so I'll encourage the doubters and the naysayers to just seek God more. I want them to see this and be encouraged and see that we have a limitless God."

Meanwhile, Chozenn, who has experienced some amount of negative backlash for the song, said that he would not be silenced. He also revealed that he has much more in store for Jamaica and the world.

"There's many more to come because I'm currently putting the final touches to my new album, Culture Invasion, and some stuff is coming," he said. "In these last days, we can't be too passive, we have to step on the front line boldly, unashamedly and just declare Jesus name. Whole heap more stuff coming, and God is about to just blow people's minds."

Credit Jamaican Star

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