Dancehall Fans Returns To 'Noughtiness" Songs They Were Missing For Years - Goodbye Lady Saw; Hello Spice And Shenseea

Dancehall Fans Returns To 'Noughtiness" Songs They Were Missing For Years - Goodbye Lady Saw; Hello Spice And Shenseea

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The strongest argument regarding these artists could be made for the rise of modern reggae “dancehall music” which has flavored hip hop music over the years and credited to Jamaican-born DJ Clive “Kool Herc” Campbell. This era was the post industrial that were used as a form of expression of urban black and Latino youngsters who were marginalized to certain communities.

Today, technology has improved the music business and many artists are moving away from tradition and becoming entrepreneurs. In North America, songs are being released by various artists with suggestive metaphors which have dominated radio and the charts, such as Rhianna, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim! Reggae music popularity in mainstream can be contributed to Spice, Shenseea and Hoodcelebrityy! 

Goodbye Marion Hall a/k/a Law Saw "the queen of dancehall" and welcomes these young princesses who are aggressively taking over the radio with their promiscuity, music and beauty.  Shenseea is now one of the leading female dancehall artists in the game after breaking onto the scene in 2016 with her chart-topping single “Loodi” with Vybz Kartel. What can I say about “Spice” her energy have taking her to fans living rooms as a member of the smash series “Love and Hip Hop and continue to perform on major events with stellar performances.   The garrison has produced many local celebrities and now we have a big banga called “Walking Trophy” by HoodCelebrityy. She was born Tina Pinnock. Hood spent her early childhood in the hills of St. Catherine and Port More, Jamaica. It was then that the unbeknownst artist, HoodCelebrityy fell in love with the energetic and contagious rhythm of reggae music which dominating the club scenes.

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