Dutty Rock Says Gaza Boss Appeal Is “Socially A Sad Thing”

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Dutty Rock Says Gaza Boss Appeal Is “Socially A Sad Thing”

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Sean Paul recently shared his thoughts on the Worl Boss Kartel’s appeal, and its impact on the dancehall culture. Dutty Rock admitted that if Kartel would to walk free now, it would be a huge impact on dancehall. Kartel has been incarcerated for the murder of Clive "Lizzard" and he is appealing the life sentence for the crime. Dutty Rock explained, “Because my father had an appeal and no one cared about it except his own family.”

Sean Paul added that while there are a lot of appeals going on, Vybz Kartel is the most popular so he is getting a lot of press coverage and the end results might be bad for kids. “Socially I don’t want it to… I think for kids or younger people to be looking at it… it’s a little bit of a mind mess up you know what I mean,

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