Nesbitt Success Story’ online competition - two students won $50,000

Nesbitt Success Story’ online competition - two students won $50,000

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Mr Gary Powell, The Principal of Montego Bay High School  thanked Nesbeth for the kind gesture; encouraging him to continue being an inspiration for the youths of this era.  “I know what it’s like to not have, coming from very humble place and having to face some almost insurmountable obstacles to get to where I am in life; but the real reason I was able to make it this far is because I had a dream and I never once lost sight of it despite the challenges. So today before I leave, I want to personally implore you all to have a dream and work earnestly towards it.” Nesbitt responded.  Mikaliah Allen and Brianne Irons were the overall winners of the ‘Success Story’ online competition, hosted in November in collaboration with Foota Hype Music (F.H.M).


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