When Push Come To Shove - Bam Bam Fiesta Is Now Official!

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Imagine, getting an idea from a partner "bredrin" and you sat on the concept even with supporting team mates could not move forward to properly execute the process?  Well, finally, someone pushed a button and the clock started ticking!

Bam Bam Fiesta [BBF] is now an official commerce trademark following an episode of delays from the Coronavirus pandemic, the team received the final official stamp of approval from the United States Trademark Patent Office.

The Bam Bam Fiesta - Meet & Greet introduction to the virtual global platform on February 27th 2021 was contributed to several artistes: Shasha Marley - Ghana; Delroy Melody, Jahbruce, Rasta Steve and Dangerwass - Jamaica; MOS-B - France; and Twee Geddo - Holland managed by Blaze Nation Media Group LLC.
Each artiste preformed as agreed despite few issues with their regional WIFI companies; It was continuous and a SPLENDID venture!  "Thank You" to Cashflow Neil and DJ Catalog out of Jamaica for their contribution to this amazing accomplishment.

Our appreciation to every inquiry, viewers, listeners, affiliate stations and diehard supporters who believed in teamwork and allowed the process to take course.  "Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley quoted many years ago; "Free your mind from mental slavery" which was a significant spiritual intervention in the erection of the "BBF" event platform. Our philosophy and intention to desensitize, depopulate and deregulate the culture of continued ignorance and hover on the positive frequencies of commitment, confidence and communication for unity in the continued growth of reggae music globally.

"When Push Come To Shove," the only way to achieve completeness is through a dedicated process of undoing our EGO SYSTEMS that will allow LOVE and UNITY to funnel positive vibrations on a higher frequency to the four corners of the earth!!

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