Is there an existential crisis between parents and a disrespectful child?

Every day is Mother’s Day in my eyes.  Therefore, this topic can be discussed any time on issues concerning children and their mommies.  What exactly am I referring to? The facts are every child need both parents but a mother’s relationship have a profound impact — in either a good way or a bad way on the development of children.

I'm not a psychologist, but I strong believer in Spiritualism.  There is absolutely no reason to quote verses from the bible to validate my opinion, but let’s look at the manner in which a man views and treats women in his life.  They normal repeat habits they learned from birth.

A boy growing up watches how his dad treats his mom and then usually emulates the behavior. If a kid's dad is loving, kind and respectful to his wife, the boy will see this, and hopefully follow suit. If the boy's dad orders the mom around, abuses her or treats her poorly, the boy could end up thinking this is acceptable, normal behavior. I want to stress that there are countless exceptions of men whose fathers were less than ideal, and who ended up treating their mothers like a woman should treated – with respect, honor and the cornerstone of the family.

Have ever heard the saying, "How he treats his mom is a very good indicator of how he will treat his wife?" Again, there are exceptions, but for the most part I believe this is an affirmation statement.

Men who spoke very negatively about their mom, using explicit words such as "stupid," "lazy," “bitch,” “whore” and in some cases tells their mother “ shut da’ f%$k up," “you are annoying” should be avoided and they should seek help before engaging themselves in a relationship.

There is nothing more repulsive to a woman than a man who doesn't respect or show love to his mom. There is also nothing more attractive to a woman than watching her guy treat his mom like gold. It makes us respect and adore him immensely.

Sometimes, erratic and ill mannered daughters grow up in an environment and observed their mother as a rebellious, manipulative and control woman. These effects will stain children’s innocence and develop an ongoing culture of abuse.   For example, if a girl grows up and watched her mom lie to her father, they too will think lying is normal practice.  Another pronounced action is if the daughter watched her mom sleeping with different men to satisfy her personal demand, then the daughter will grow up thinking it is correct thing to do whenever there is a problem.  Now, is this domestication or an existential crisis?  The divorce rate in the US is much higher than any other country in the world.  There is a famous cliché that states “no romance, without finance” then how can a race of people be uniformed if the source of direction is corrupted?

It is a freaking crisis, whether you want to agree or not.   These girls will get older, and at times, will disrespect their father using behavior patterns they learned from their mother.  Well enough said, with love, respect and good gestures are all impressive accolades that will net rewarding benefits in the pursuit of tranquility. 

If children are sweet to their parents out of fear, it is likeable but it is going to be a detriment and social turn-off.  Maybe the mother was too demanding or controlling. Maybe the father was a traditionalist that will not compromise. Whatever their circumstances are, these attitudes will drive fear in the child’s mind, and they will react out of a sense of obligation that will ultimately scar them infinitely.


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| September, 1st, 2016

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