Jamaica, a place we once called our little island in the sun.

Excerpts from Tony Rebel song – Reggae Artist

Help me big up Jamaica
The land of wood and water
The system might no proper
But we love the vibes, the food and the culture
Wooi, can't you see? The beauty of this country
That beauty of this country
Me never know a serious thing
Until me reach a foreign

Say what a nice place fi live, sweet Jamdown
The only problem is, nuh dollars nah run
Say what a nice place fi live, sweet Jamdown
The only problem is, nuh dollars nah run

 All those marvelous time has gone to the rocks, and the socio-economics are rapidly changing the fabric of Jamaica’s culture.  To be frank, Jamaica is still a great place to live, earn and play; its tourism business is flourishing and it is incomparable to its neighboring territories.

The millennial era has produced far more diversification in economics and technology opportunities for a brighter future. The economic and trade co-operation between China and Jamaica has made remarkable achievements in the past 40 years. It is an important basis and a driving force for business development of Sino-Jamaica ties. But we need to understand how China is slowly transforming Jamaica ethically back to slavery. They are controlling most aspects of the native’s way of life by manipulating our indigenous people.

We are targeted by the Chinese government because they are greedy. They have in common a culture of sale, selfish leads, with self centered needs and a dose of generational greed. Those mindsets make Jamaica ripe target for the bait. The leaders will prevail beyond the challenge of the race and we are sold on cheap ideologies.  Jamaica will never be able to buy back itself from China, based on history, they simply doesn’t resell land or property; they only sell finished goods.

Don't be upset at China because of the opportunities our government affords them, it is the modern way of Slave trading, we allowed it to happen. How can China bring a few shilling to our island in the sun, workers, sell you the goods and employ no one from Jamaica?  Let’s just say that in a few more years China will poised to succeed and enslave our natives. It is evident that their macro and micro economics agenda is in full effect..  

“Unnu nuh mema back inna di days how wi used to live

Mama used to get up a mawnin time ah mek cornmeal porridge fi breakfast, yes mon!

Di ting ole wi belly til lunch time, nuh true

Den after school wi play all kinda sitten til mama and papa cum home

Some a wi a kick ball, some ah play dandi shandi, dark shadows and others ah play marble, but it was pure fun, right.

Wi neva a plan fi kill nobody Pinckney or rob nobody bizniz,

Afta wi graduate from school, who nah go a UWI, a look fi visa fi fly ah foreign, others a grab any little sinting fi do. SMH.

Well it seems like dem days dun wid, pon a serious note mi bredrens!

All Jamaica will ever own in the future under this mantra is PRIDE 

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| July, 19th, 2017

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