Did you know that stroke often happens while you are taking a shower?

According to a UITM Professor with the national sports board, people are practicing taking a shower poorly.  He has been advising people not to wet their head and hair first when showering as this is the wrong sequence. 

This causes the body to adjust its temperature too quickly because we are warm blooded.  By performing this incorrect sequence, blood rushing up to the head may cause capillary or artery breakage, hence, a stroke and a fall. 

The proper way to shower is to start wetting the body from the feet up to the shoulders slowly.  A sensation of vapor coming out of the crown on the head or bristling of body hair may be felt for some people.  Follow this procedure then shower as usual.  This is especially useful for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even migraine. 

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| June, 17th, 2017

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