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African-Americans at Higher Risk for Stroke Published September 7, 2016

Each year, more than 780,000 Americans suffer a stroke. It is the third leading cause of death and a leading cause of long-term disability in the United States. African-Americans suffer more severe strokes than white Americans, and tend to have…

A Major Health Concern For Men Published September 7, 2016

The topic of erectile dysfunction (ED) is still one that leaves most men searching for the door. Even in the privacy of a doctor’s office, many men in the U.S. are afraid of what that diagnosis might mean for them.…

Women and Cancer: Safeguard Your Future Fertility Published September 7, 2016

Fertility may be the farthest thing from your mind when you’ve just received a cancer diagnosis, but it’s the right time to think about your future family. Cancer treatments can affect your ability to get pregnant or carry a baby…

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites Published September 7, 2016

Across the country, families are taking advantage of the warmer weather by spending more quality time outdoors. This year, as families prepare to host a variety of outdoor gatherings, mosquito prevention and protecting against mosquito bites should be top of…

Please [Watch This Video] If You Are Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction Published September 3, 2016

This Procedure Will Solve Penis Problems

Learn How To End Diabetes Forever Published August 14, 2016

End Diabetes Forever var FiqImage = { affiliate: 'GluFM', sub: '2708817130', ip: '', font: 'arial', width: '728', height: '90', banner: '107bf4', background: 'ffffff', border: 'ffffff', title: '1208a6', desc: '000000', display_url: '629b08', target: '0', method: 'onload' }

Wounds and Traumas Draw Unhealthy Relationships Published August 8, 2016

Relationships are like physical magnets. That is why you find that most people who enter into a relationship are alike. This also applies to children who have been abused during their childhood. They somehow attract other adults who have had…

Can You Live Without Stress? Published August 8, 2016

There are days you sit in a chair and stare out the window because living seems to take too much energy. Even to think about what to make for dinner is an all-consuming task. It can be daunting, feeling as…

Live Longer [By Doing This Process Naturally] Published June 21, 2016

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